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How do we achieve this ?


It is a burden for oil operators : a residual energy

Methane is a waste product that is most often lost and therefore not recycled.
Methane is therefore :
- sent into a gas pipeline (when possible)
- burned, with quotas and a high cost, via flares, which poses problems under the effect of the wind.In both cases, the process is not 100% efficient and creates an environmental disaster

Our goal is to make methane a valuable asset in a circular economy

We recover this gas and thanks to combustion turbines we transform it directly on site into electricity in order to power our containers filled with miners nearby


The USA: The New Eldorado

At the end of January 2022, the SEC authorized the listing of the first ETF dedicated to Bitcoin mining companies
- The IRS has concluded that miners are exempt from reporting rules on validated transactionsWe offer mining of “virgin” bitcoins (i.e. newly created and never exchanged)

Belouga finances everything

Belouga and its partners fully fund the infrastructure needed for mining You only pay for the computing power allocation, you don't have to worry about the rest. Generators, Transformers, Cables Pipes Insurance contracts etc... are supported by Belouga.


Live pool Minage

Our strength is an immediate solution that participates in the energy transition by transforming a negative by-product into a positive value


We produce directly on site. There’s no risk of interruption on the households’ network and no possible impact following regulation measures (load shedding hours) in case of excessive consumption.


Unlike "green" energies such as solar, wind... this solution costs nothing to taxpayers and brings additional income to the industry.


The mining containers can be moved according to the oil exploitation. They go directly to the source of the available energy.


Until now, the oil company could not use this residual gas and could even be forced to stop its oil production because of the quota system. The operator is therefore ready to get rid of it at a low price.


Energy prices are set to rise sharply.As for us, we are setting up long-term, fixed-price deals to enhance the value of this natural gas.


This process has a negative carbon impact.It reduces greenhouse gas emissions in a concrete and real way.

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This calutator is for information purposes only. It about the returns of bitcoin which varies according to the periods.

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