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Belouga.io is a cryptocurrency mining company that is fully independent.

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Our mission

Belouga.io is a cryptocurrency mining company that is fully independent and run by a group of people as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). We specialize in mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from our locations in the United States and the Middle East.
Our company has a team of experienced marketing, sales, finance and customer service professionals to ensure the best experience for our customers. We pride ourselves on our 5/7 customer service that is there to answer all your questions and help you get the most out of our services.

Our mission is to provide superior services to our clients by offering innovative solutions for cryptocurrency mining. We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all our activities and contributing to the growth and evolution of the cryptocurrency industry.

We are proud of our company and our team, and we hope you will join our community of satisfied customers. Thank you for your trust in Belouga.

The belief

"To date, 4% of the world's population, or 320 million people, own crypto-currencies. All these people understood the wealth in this new economic model and in the ability to save intelligently, avoiding the constraints of the so-called “classic” financial system.Believe in Belouga, regardless of the amount, is proof of its commitment and its awareness of the evolution and change that the world is undergoing. An economic and ecological evolution. An opportunity to participe, to generate competitive gains compared to the current rates of traditional banks, while respecting our environment and the world in which we live."

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Our vision

The values that drive everything we do



Our brilliant team leverages cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain to optimize mining operations. We continuously explore new hardware configurations, cooling systems, and energy-efficient solutions. Sustainability is paramount, as we strive to reduce energy consumption and minimize our ecological impact.



We are a leading cryptocurrency mining company dedicated to delivering unparalleled performance and service. With deep expertise and cutting-edge technology, we set the industry's highest standards. Our optimized operations and robust security ensure efficiency and maximum returns. We prioritize transparency, reliability, and ethical standards in our strong partnerships. Experience excellence in cryptocurrency mining with Belouga.



Passion drives us at Belouga, fueling our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in cryptocurrency mining. Our team is deeply passionate about pushing the boundaries and staying ahead of the curve in this dynamic industry.



Belouga, accessibility is at the core of our mission, making cryptocurrency mining available to all. We strive to break down barriers and provide equal opportunities for everyone to participate in this innovative industry.


Team work DAO

We believe in the power of collective intelligence, empowering our community to actively participate in shaping the future of our mining operations. Our DAO model ensures transparency, fairness, and inclusivity, giving every member a voice and a stake in our success. Together, we harness the diverse skills and perspectives of our team to drive innovation and achieve our shared goals.