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Mining creates the future

We mine green bitcoin ethically and without involving banks or the stock exchange.

Why is Belouga changing our world?

Transparency for new miners . We are completely outside the banking system, investors on the stock markets,
our clients are only natural or legal persons acting for themselves. Belouga is one of the best ways to do the creation of cryptocurrency.


Today's context

Inflation is losing value every day to currency. It, therefore, becomes difficult to generate interest in the systems of conventional banking/insurance. However, the emergence of cryptocurrencies has demonstrated that it was possible to no longer depend on these systems.

Possibility of making your savings grow thanks to Belouga

As you would expect, the larger the stake, the more mining there is and the more fees are created to secure transactions .You therefore have the opportunity to participate in securing the Bitcoin network by making your savings grow.

How mining works

Mining consists of verifying transactions carried out between people who exchange crypto-currencies, the most famous of which is bitcoin, using very powerful computers. When mining, a fee is charged for each transaction verified and therefore income is created.

These computers require a lot of energy

Our society, based on a defense environment, proposes a pooling to offer you only the bright side of industrial mining. We recover the Methane gas from the oil exploitations to transform it thanks to generators or turbines in electricity for our mining computers of cryptocurrency.

Wealth Management

Belouga is a premier bitcoin mining company that provides exceptional wealth management opportunities. Through their advanced mining infrastructure and expertise, Belouga offers a secure and profitable avenue for individuals to generate wealth through bitcoin mining. With a focus on maximizing mining efficiency and delivering optimal returns, Belouga is a trusted platform for effective wealth management in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Belouga and his partners provides robust bitcoin mining insurance to safeguard customers mining operations. Through partnerships with trusted insurance providers, Belouga offers comprehensive coverage against potential risks such as equipment damage, power outages, and cyberattacks.

Discover the mission and story behind our company

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Yearly growth

Our services are designed for customers

Belouga offers top-notch services with a focus on safety, transparency, and ecology. They prioritize user well-being through strict safety standards and promote open and honest interactions. Belouga is committed to ecological sustainability, minimizing their environmental impact and supporting green initiatives. With a dedication to excellence in these areas, Belouga sets the bar high for its services.


We have an insurance for all the installation and Mining machine, how ever you can control the performance of the mining machine with a full access to our monitoring,  if the bitcoin go down at less than 10000 Usd we just temporarly unpluged the contener of machine and we wait until the Bitcoin goes up again.  Each month we send a lawyer or a represent of the law to check all the installation, we share the certificate generate with you on our website.


You have live access to the Mining Pool, you can directly check the production of Bitcoins that are generated. You can also ask to visit our mining sites, we agree together on an appointment on site two hours will be devoted to you so that you have access to the mining container.


Belouga uses methane gas discharges, initially burned on oil wells, creating 80 times more pollution than CO2 discharges. We are helping to reduce rejects by 64% and we are creating electricity to power the containers filled with Asics Bitmain Machines that generate Bitcoin at very low cost.

What makes our solution stand out from the rest?


Belouga is an innovative mining company that breaks down barriers by making mining accessible to everyone. Their user-friendly platform and inclusive approach empower individuals of all backgrounds to engage in mining.


Belouga's innovative back office is available on both mobile and PC versions, offering customers seamless access and management of their accounts. This user-friendly approach ensures convenience and flexibility.


Belouga prioritizes user security and anonymity through robust protocols. They employ strong measures to protect user data from unauthorized access and ensure confidentiality.

What our fans say

“Belouga is an excellent choice for future my bitcoin mining needs.”
“I've been mining bitcoins for a few month now, and the returns have been consistent.”
“Belouga's commitment to security and their emphasis on customer satisfaction make them a trusted choice."”
“As a newcomer to bitcoin mining, I was initially unsure about which company to choose. Belouga made the decision easy for me.”
“Belouga has truly impressed me with their cutting-edge technology and reliable bitcoin mining services.”